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Kayoko Tsuchiya

CEO/Lead Strategist Seekers Base Japan Co.

Kayoko is a self-made sociopreneur and a cross border value creation strategist.

In 2018, Kayoko founded Seekers Base Japan Corp., a cross border value creation company, the company aim to build a platform for impact makers around the globe to efficiently connect with collaborators and stakeholders for the purpose of creating better synergies so we can swiftly act on resolving common social issues which our humanity interface.

As part of its effort, Seekers Base Japan in association of its partners are currently developing the transnational future skill education institution and innovation green house in Japan, a new cross-border eco-system focused on creating a new framework for international collaborations amongst young generation.

Kayoko has co-founded three ed-tech ventures in the past both in U.S. and Japan. She is a co-founder and a chief strategy officer of Neurotech Japan Corp., AI enhanced language training Saas provider.

Kayoko is among speakers of World Marketing Summit 2021 by Kotler Impact. Kayoko was one of the featured Women Disruptors at NASSCOM Design4India Design Summit in 2019.

Kayoko has produced and hosted many cross-border partnership conferences in the past, such as Designing the Future of Cross Border Innovation, Impact Makers’ Cross Talk INDIA- JAPAN, Co-host of the commemoration ceremony even for Prof. Muhammad Younus’s release of the publication “A World of Three Zeros” held at the United Nation University in Tokyo, also a content producer at Japan -India Global partnership summit 2017 in New Delhi India, etc.

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